A different kind of book club


I highly recommend this recently refreshed, carefully maintained, online safety guide:


Some of it is a little bit over my head, beginning with this:

"Editors note: This is Motherboard's comprehensive guide to digital security, which will be regularly updated and replaces some of our old guides. This guide is also available as a printable PDF. To verify the integrity of the PDF, this is the original file's SHA hash: 2938d3b9b9842ae0763ab0dd27696de3dce0dd96. And this is the PGP signature file, signed with Motherboard's PGP public key."

But let's just say we are reading for pleasure. Let's pretend it's science fiction or some other more contemporary artform, this internet, this whole wide world.

To quote their website, "Motherboard is an online magazine and video channel dedicated to technology, science and humans. Launched by VICE in 2009, Motherboard finds the people and things that are making our weird and wonderful present and future, with news, commentary, in-depth reporting, photos, and original video documentaries. Whether it's politics, art, sex, drugs, war, design, nature, space, history or sci-fi; Motherboard skips the useless tech hype to make room for stuff you should know. Motherboard has offices in London, Toronto, New York, L.A., Berlin, São Paulo, Amsterdam, Milan, and Paris; and is published in English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Dutch." Their web address is:


This is our world, this place on Earth. As Agnes Martin used to say, we are either on the side of life, or we are not! We may as well befriend it.

Image: Headlands (Mendocino, CA), 2005, graphite on paper, 40 1/2 x 45 1/2" (103 x 115.6 cm) Photo: Copyright 2017 Alexandra Yakutis. I've made a number of studies of this location, this image which began life as a polaroid print by my friend Lauryl Sabaroff. Two are in oil on canvas. Karin's is Morphine and Scopolamine. Jennie's is Scylla and Charybdis. But this one, it's just fog on glossy water.  Hard to draw, so we break it down hard!